When a letter sent to the young Hawks, the Haiying General Tort warmth announced retirement

Not long ago, the Seattle Hawks announced that the team’s skills took over the team – Baldwin, because the Bao Dewen’s consisters and coaches have been in good relationship, so the behavior of the team is seen as this external hand injury. The advance warning is about to retire. Although this makes a lot of fans in the Haiying team, it is still coming. On Monday, Beijing time, Baldwin has 18 in the tweet, with ”causing young own letter”, warmly announced the stage of exiting NFL.

”I have always wanted to write a letter to yourself, but I always don’t know when to write, how to write, but now it seems to be a good time.” Baldwin used this kind of writing as an opening, and told A story of an NFL player growing up.

”Dear small road, I know what your bloody brain is calculated. Your father bought you the most wanted toy you Christmas. He loves you with your imagination, please cherish with him. Time, because those time will never save. ”

”I want to tell you, you will face a hell-like journey. You will feel the suffering of unprecedented body and emotion, you will fail again, but don’t worry, these will cast a success in the future.”

”High school is very difficult, university will be more difficult. But this is God to make you a brilliant preparation method. You will want to give up football in the third time, but your mother will not agree, you will thank her later.” ……

”You finally have the opportunity to participate in the game of your favorite stage! Please know yourself correctly. At that time, you will be lost in that world. Fortunately, you will come out.”

”You will be full of good memories in the next few years, will encounter your friends during this time. They will make you break through the limit, will make you strong confidence, will always support you, and even become your family.”

”Don’t forget your coaches, they have excellent, more good. You will appreciate those great people, even if others don’t do it.” ……

”One day you will meet a woman, a woman who really belongs to you. She will understand you, love you, create you a real man. You will owe her a lot, and she will become all your life. Please tightly Grab her, remember this road to come. ”

”Because the end of a journey means the beginning of the other side, you guess how … you will still face a hell-like journey, you will still feel the pain in never before, you will still once again. Failure; but you still have to worry, these will cast your new success. ”

After these gentle words, Bao Demin finally released a tweet. ”My journey is over.” He took advantage of his eight-year NFL career in this way. 493 times, push 6563 yards, 49 times to catch up, 2 times to enter the professional bowl, 1 super bowl title; let us remember the excellent takeover of this Haiying army, bless him in a new life He said, cast another legend.