Who is disappointing in the new season? The top ten orders of the US media! Zion is only the third, and the lake is strong.

The new season is in full swing. Unconsciously, there have been more than 15 games, and even some of the compact teams have already played 20 games.

This means that this season has passed a quarter of time, and all teams also recognize the situation in the team.

Among them, there is a team like a Warriors, Bulls and Wizards, and some teams and players are disappointing, revolve around this topic, US media ”ClutchPoints” also selection in rare commemoration. 10 people and things disappointed.

Tenth: Bellans

After the last season, Bellans signed a $ 80 million in a 5-year $ 80 million, but it has been in the future, because of the injury problem, his state has a thousand feet.

Even if the Qi Si is smooth and smooth, it has become the east black horse, but it is still difficult to cover the slight fans of Belitans. Family can only get 6.1 points, the outer line rate is only 33.3%, and the overall hit rate is 34.2%.

Ninth place: comprehension

It is also a stunning player on the last season, and the dress breaks the main relying on the inner line of the Raptors.

However, since the start of the competition, the performance https://www.nbatrikots4.com of the comprehension is disappointing, and only 5.8 points 4.4 rebounds are only 5.8 points, and the hit rate is as low as 36.6%. For an internal line, such data is difficult to accept.

Eighth place: Knick’s defense

As the team of ”Iron Blood Cardo” Xibo, Knicks created the defensive efficiency of the Federation of the Alliance last season.

However, in the new season, the Knicks’ defensive efficiency is only ranked sixtens in the League. Considering the ability of Xibetu to build a defensive system, it should be put on such a record.

Seventh: Small Michael Potter

The break of the breakdot was signed a more than 100 million contracts, and it was officially regarded as a team, and his performance has been in the game.

Small ports not only encountered injuries, and only 9.9 points can only be handed over. The hit rate is only 35.9%, and the external hit rate is 20.8%.

Sixth: Little gallen Jackson

He once https://www.maillotsbasketfr.com thought of a reasonable secondary family of Grizzlies, but after signing a big contract in the king period, his performance is also a thousand feet.

His hit rate this season fell to 40.1%, the outer line rate is only 35.1%, but he is still an important part of the team. After a short volatility, he will leave the list.

Fifth place: the defense of the eagle

Last season, the Eagle team became a big black horse and killed the Eastern Finals, although the defense was not highlighted, the 18th place in the Ranking League still can still be.

Helpless, this season’s defensive defensive re-declined, and has come to the position of the countdown sixtens.

Fourth place: Wu Chiwi

The Bulls completed transformation this season and became one of the eastern giants, but the efficiency of Wu Chiwi declined.

Although his fields can still be handed over to two diversified data, the overall hit rate is only 39.3%, and the three-point ball is more as low as 28%. If he can improve efficiency, the Bulls will undoubtedly play a higher https://www.basketballtrikotde.com
upper limit.

Third place: Zion

As the case of Zion, the weight and injuries have always plagued him.

He once again fell into the struggle with injuries. At present, it is still not played, but also let the squad are in a difficult situation, and there is nothing difference between almost noise.

Second place: Dunchen Robinson

With the release period, Lori is introduced, and the Heat is further translucent in the new season, but Dunken Robinson, who signed the big contract, is disappointing.

As a project-based endpoint, the overall hit rate of Duncon Robinson has only 36.7%, and the three-point ball rate is as low as 33.7%.

First place: Lakers

There is no doubt that the position of the top of the list belongs to the Lakers. After all, the greater the bigger, the bigger disappointment is.

If you look at the paper lineup, the Lakers are completely popular, but they have achieved only 10 wins and 10 records since the game.

The team is not only in injury, but the problem is difficult to solve, but the internal and even eruptions have conflict, the ranking list can be said to be named.