Who is the first person of the team: The two are selected for the 100-year best lineup to the show counterattack professional bowl

Recently, the 2018 NFL Hall of Fame held in Canton, Canton, Ohio, was held, from the former Baltimus Ovar Verde, Liu Yi, the legendary player who was led by the legendary, the legendary player in the leader, is like a famous Hall of Hall. Gold jacket of honor. There are countless players who can put the ball in NFL, but the players who can finally be selected to celebrate the celebrity hall are Fengrong rigor, this article will give you a great player in the history of the team. Los Angeles Lightning Candidate: La Danan – Tom Linsen, Antonio – Gates, Junier Tin

Radia An – Tom Linsen Runa (2001-2009)

In 2001, the San Diego lightning (Los Angeles lightning) was selected in the first round of the fifth shift of Tom Linsen from the Texas Chiccao University. In this way, Tom Linsen, an extremely excellent Tom Lin, opened his career.

The rookie season, Tom Linsen has achieved great success, and the regular season scorpion will take 1236 yards to add 10 reachaes, and in the end of the ball, Tom Linsen also shows its ability to catch the ball, the season is 59 Take a 367 yard. The second year of career, Tom Linsen further, the season was held 1683 yards plus 14 reachaes, and the ball was also completed 79 codes and one to take the 489 yards and one.

In the 2003 season, Tom Linsen came to his career’s first peak. The season was held on the 1645 yard, and the ball was brought by 725 yards and 4 balls. Tom Lin has become the first in NFL history. The single season won 1000+ mushroom while completing the ball.

In the 2004 and 2005 season, Tom Linsen reached a new height on the rush to the ball, and the two seasons completed 17 and 18 minks, of which in 2005, the game of Auckland raids, Tomin Sen became NF, the first single game in history, got the ball, catch the ball, and passed the ball. In the 2006 season, Tom Linsen reached its career’s peak. The season was laid to the most popular 1815 yards and the amazing 28-time squad, and finally Tom Linsen was elected NFL annual most valuable players.

In the nine seasons of the flash, Tom Linsen has passed thousands of yards for eight consecutive seasons, 5 times in the occupational bowl, 6 times selected the best lineup. Tom Linsen career career won 13684 yards and 145 rush to reach, the ball is completed 624 times to win 4772 yards and 17 times, which is selected into the best lineup of NFL 00.

Junier Ti Line (1990-2002)

In 1990, the Lightning Team selected a defensive player from South Affairs in the first round.

Junier has a total of 13 seasons for flashing team. During the 12 consecutive years, Junli was selected for 12 consecutive years, 10 times the best lineup, and the best defenders in the 1992 season.

After joining the flash, Junier quickly became the most popular player in the team. In his rookie season, Junier completed 85 hugs, and finally selected the same year’s professional bowl, and in the 1991 season, Junny The completion of 129 hugs and 7 killing and selected the same year’s career bowl.

In the 1992 season, Junier came to his career’s first peak. The Ji Danier completed 102 hugs and 4.5 killed, with excellent performance, he was named the year’s best defensive player . During the Flash Team, Junier has no less than 13 times, and the stable appearance time and performance have created its legendary lightning career, which in the 1994 AFC Championships faced the steel person, Junier took The 17 times of the record of the record.

In 2003, Junier, who was laminched in 2003, was active in dolphins and patriots, and finally Daniel ended its career for 20 years after the end of the 2009 season.

But unfortunately in 2012, Junier was found to die at home and then confirmed to be committed.

Antonio-Gates near Terrier (2003-2017)

In 2003, Gates participated in the election meeting that year, but regretted, just because he played basketball in college. At that time, many teams hope that Gates can tried, and finally, Gates decided to be a lightning training and eventually resigned.

In the 15 years of lightning, Gats brought 927 times a 11508 yard and the highest 104 times, and the code has reached 12.4 yards.

After the first rookie season, Gates began to show its ability in the second season. In the 2004 season, Gates completed 81 battles to win 964 yards and leading the entire alliance 13 times, and arrived in the 2005 season, Gates came to his career the first peak, 89 times a ball won his occupation The first thousand code season, winning 1101 yards and 10 reachaes. In the 2009 season, Gates once again broke out, the whole season won the highest 1157 yards and 8 times.

Career is now, Gates 8 times selected professional bowl, 5 times selected the best lineup, and was selected for the best lineup of NFL in 00.

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