Who is the first person of the team: Yuangu Yuanzhao is the only one crown "Islander" five into professional bowls

Recently, the 2018 NFL Hall of Fame held in Canton, Canton, Ohio, was held, from the former Baltimus Ovar Verde, Liu Yi, the legendary player who was led by the legendary, the legendary player in the leader, is like a famous Hall of Hall. Gold jacket of honor. There are countless players who can put the ball in NFL, but the players who can finally be selected to celebrate the celebrity hall are Fengrong rigor, this article will give you a great player in the history of the team. [Click to enter the unveiled battle live broadcast] [Learn more NFL information]

New York Jet

Candidates: Joe-Na Mas, Darer-Rewis, Curtis Martin

Qiao Na Mas quartz (1965-1976)

In the 1965 AFL dragons, New York jets were selected from the first round of the first round of Alabama, and the division from the legendary coach Paul-Bryant’s quartz, and the NFL was also in the first round. The twelfth shine is selected in Namas, and the Namas decided to play the ball.

To say the biggest achievements in Namas, I am afraid that I won the only super-bowl trophy in the history of the jet history in the 3rd Super Bowl.

The career of Namas took 27663 yards and 173 reachaes. Its I have selected AFL all-star lineup four times, and I get the most valuable player of AFL twice. Among them, in the 1972 season, Namas was selected for the year’s second lineup, and it was also the leader of the NFL pass code king and pass to the ball.

As the first quarter of the season, Namas’s status of Namas is imagined in the history of jet machine.

Curtis Martin Run (1998-2006)

In 1995, the new England patriots selected the Jog Curtis Martin from Pittsburgh University in the third round of 74. After the Patriot stayed for 3 seasons, Martin joined the jet.

In the 9-year-old career of the New York jet, Martin was selected for the professional bowl, three degrees selected for the best lineup, and became the rushing code of the year in the year of 1697 yards in the 2004 season.

Martin’s career has completed 14101 code to sculpt the ball, and won 90 reachaes, and also won 3329 yards and 10 balls at the end of the ball. In the nine years of the jet, Martin has passed thousands of code for seven years. In the 2006 season, due to the team’s knee injury, the whole season could not appear, and decided to declare the decommissioning after the end of the season.

In the year of Martin’s effectiveness, it is a strong period in the history of the jet machine. The team is 4 times in the playoffs, of which the 1998 and 2002 season have become the champion of the United States. In 12 years since then, the jet is only two times in the playoffs.

As one of the greatest running guards of the jet machine, Martin is worthy of this seat!

Darer Reway (2007-2012, 2015-2016)

In the 2007 election, the jet selected the corner Wi Visse from Pittsburgh University in the first round of the first round.

During the career of the jet, the island owner was selected for 5 times, and the best lineup was selected for 4 times, and his career completed 497 times, 29 copies, 6 times to create a drop.

But for a great corner, the data is the most deceptive. During the peak of Rewis, the four-guards did not dare to zone to the island, so many times, after the end of the game, Rewick’s data bar is basically dry.

In the history of the Islander’s performance, the island owner does not fall in the wind with NFL-Moss, Treier Owen, and it is not necessary to say that other people.

As one of the greatest corner guards of the team, although the reasons in the Levis character and the different occupational pursuits, Rewick did not lead the jet, but who really had the ability to lead the jet out. Mud?

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