Why do you get redish? MLB’s strongest Galaxy warship, they are the greatest team in the 21st century

Red Socks won the MLB World Contest Championship

Red Socks won the MLB World Contest Championship

The fifth game of the World Contest, defeated Dodge 5 to 1 away, the total score won the world contest, and finally the dust is settled in the 2018 season, Boston socks won the number of records recorded in the regular season record. 108 Victory, they added 11 wins in the playoffs, became the baseball team stood in the world of the world. In the year, what kind of ups and downs did they experience, the following is the World Competition of Boston Red Socks :

MIR: Four years of gloomy horse exchange, red socks become the most ”” team

In the fall of 2013, with the Shangyuan Hao Zhi Sanzhen Red Rush player Matt-Carpenter, the red socks defeated the red ramp in 4 to 2, and won the World Competition, if the clock returned to this spring, the last time The world contest is only more than four years of light, but for red socks, simply in the sea:

– I was still a furhead bousse Bogotz and Xiaojieki – Bradley’s respective growth of four or five years old, and the old team leader Dastin Pedroa has been 30 years old I came to the 35-year-old career in my old years, and the continuous injury made him difficult to step on the court.

– Due to the first round of the seasons, the champion Tootou John Ferreier, in the end of 2017, hired the defending champion space of the defending champion of red socks, Alex – Corra became a new coach.

– At the end of 2015, the red socks and David Ples signed a super contract for annual salary than 3 million, not only the fate of the year, Jon-Leicester is off, and most of the other rounds of main force are retired and Departing the team, the round value of the red socks also has a winning Rick Posol and ”Nothing King” Chris Sel.

– The Terminator of the Terminator has returned to the daily duty to continue to burn. Nowadays, the Terminator of Sapphire is the league’s active rescue king ”scorpion king” Craig – Gold Breil.

– Most of the original team line main force is mainly mature players over 30 years old, and most of this season’s red socks is mostly Muqi-Bates, Andrew-Ben Ninti, Bogotz, Raphael – Dels et al around 25 years old.

– Finally, the original line core ”Old” David – Ortys retired after the 2016 season, the old Han Li-Ramirez once tried to replace the role of the old man, can be redddle determination with the designated blow The last piece of puzzle won the championship, and in the winter, I used a total of more than 200 million super big contracts that have been smashed in the last four years of 128 Batters.

After winning the championship, 2014 and 2015, the socks were partly underwent for two consecutive years; but in 2016 and 2017, he dominated the United States and the United States. It can still flee the fate of the first round of the consecutive season, in 2017, winter, Red Socks Appointment Kara became a total coach, and signed Martinnens a designated blow. General Manager David – Tangbrovevsky hopes to use ”Jinyuan Raiders” to hit the champion.

This year, this team is more young than five years ago, but now seems to have more super superstars in the inner, of course, it is worth noting that there is nearly 230 million total salary in the red socks. First, the team’s most ”” team began a tourism tour.

Prece is famous for yourself

Prece is famous for yourself

Regular season: nearly perfect start, the record is sharply led

The opening ceremony of the season is in the light. When the king Selle is filled with the high-quality first, Joe-Kelly and Carson-Smith come out to set the fire, and the union will lose six points, this let The reddock tasted a bitter anti-war unveiled. But then 18 games, red socks mad 17 wins 1 loss!

When Dang Alex Clari was a space bench coach last year, he has already discovered the problem of red socks, and the red socks always like the ball for a long time. They often look at the little white ball to fly into a good shield. But It is not tolerate. So this season’s red socks’ attack philosophy became more aggressive, Clari told the road to open the road, the first goal, the first goal of the big alliance, the first ball is definitely ”red speed ball”, the ball is going! The good ball of red socks in the previous quartz is 62.3% of the league. This season reaches 68.8% of the seventh high of the league. After all, the baseball is ”playing”, not ”see”. There were 12 battles in the first 19 battles before the season.

All the series of macarins, rays, Jinxi and angels have completed sweep, so the only lost game? On April 11th, the second battle of the World Revenge, the third game, Taylor, Austin, who hit the red stockings guerrillaclock-Holt, which makes the two sides have no mouth corner. At the seventh game Austin once again debuted, red socks cowshed pitcher Joe – Kelly is a 98-mile close ball to throw it to Austin, followed by a ball, and flying directly to the left arm of Austin Austin angrily smashed the ball to the ground, then started a ”Green Grass Boxing” with Kelly, this fight has buried a film for the future playoffs.

Key players play:

– Muqi-Bates, earlier, a year of attack and defensive performance in the year, and in mid-April completed single-standing three borrowed in mid-April, the hand feels hot;

– Martinez is introduced by heavy guns, the first week of the season, I can’t open https://www.mlbtrojerdk.com it, I can find a touch of the hand. April 5th, my running is 22 points, May 13th, my running 25 points, On June 7, the running must be 20 points.

– Young bearer Ben Ningdi, Bobagz and Dres also have excellent play, old miki-Moland iron tree blossoms, the first two months of the season have more than 30% of the hits, the collective blows of the above players Play, let the wiring connect together.

– Ace pitcher Chris Sel gradually entered 30 years old, the speed of the ball is slightly retreat, but it is still a dead martial art.

– The other two Saiyang named David – Prab and Rick Posoli did not play the supernatural playment of the Race season, but still played an abnormally stable, three months before the season, this two contributed 10 and 11 high quality first.

In the next few months, the red socks and strong https://www.b2bshopp.com teams have traveled to be cheap, but they can basically win the two games in most three series of competitions. All the red socks before the all-star game have been obtained. 68 Since 30 negative results, Sel, ”Dragon King”, Bates, Martines, Morade five people have been selected for all star games.

Bates stabbed home base

Bates stabbed home base

Surgier in the playoffs: keep the team stability

On Washington, the All-Star Tournament, Manny Macha, who is wearing Jinyu Jeans, is open to the Dodgers Matt – Camp Selfie, this scene is a classic, but also means that when all star games end, It means that the rancing period is coming, the strong team is also sprinting for the playoffs: the death enemy Yangji introduced the back aid Pitcher Zach Briton and the first pitcher Ja Hap, defending champion space people introduced A defensive catcher Maldado and Terminator Roberto – Aceon, Indians introduced https://www.maillotspascherfr.com the former MVP Josh Donalton, Not only traded Macha, but also Brian-Dozore, David- Friedr and Ryan Madon, etc.

– Infrared field looks powerful, wild wild, although Du Qi and Muscas, the names of the wilder of Muscas have passed the gossip, but the final red socks traded were 36 years old. There is almost no too much Ian-Kinsler who blows firepower.

– The trading gets the fireball Men Sen – Jovaldi looks only to supplement the bokeh’s power, and the transaction chip Jay-Bx is hitting two winnings in the anti-socks, and even make people feel This transaction is wrong.

– and, in front of the All-Star game, the Bright Hall, which is an opaque Pierce, who has got an eye-catching, the old, Ramirez.

Unlike other teams, the red socks have maintained the stability of the line, while another weak cow shed part, red socks have almost no makeup, it seems to be in all the https://www.fanartikelsportde.com crown team, the socks of the socks are A small star, in the playoffs that are more and more emphasized, it seems very obvious.

The stage of the season, Bates because the abdominal strain is half a month, and the season in the season is because the shoulder injury is missing for a month, but this does not affect the footsteps of the championship championship, and the all-star game is red. 14 wins and 2 will increase the winning rate to nearly 70%, when everyone is in fantasy, if there is also a record of the 116-winning record of the regular season of the sailor team, the general coach is standing up and poured: ”We don’t Maybe each game will win. ”

After the end of the season, the red stockings started to continue to transport, and the focus of people came to whether Martinens became ”hitting the Three Crest”, but Martinnes not only fails to exceed the team friend Benz, even the home hit Chris Davis by the sports home, followed by, just 130 points into a point king; and Bates are not only a hit rate. 346 alliance first, the rating rate. 640, 129 times back to this base score, victory contribution Value 10.9 is the first party, and completed the second ”30 bombing 30 thieve” season in the history of the squid, this means that red socks have two MVP-level players. And even the impact of the last injury in the season, the self-bladed score 2.11, 237 This three vibration is also the level of the United States, enough to compete for the competition.

Finally, the red stockings ended the regular season by 108 wins and 54 wins and 54, breaking the number of queues. The history of red socks, the history of the team, ”Bai Sheng Season”, all into the world contest, two people winning the championship. On the two pre-Terry Franka and John Frear, the two pre-Terry Francona and John Fare, who took the world contest championship, Kula, the first record of the regular season, and all the home advantages, It seems that he is ready to copy the predecessor.

Red Socks Crazy Celebration

Red Socks Crazy Celebration

Playoff: Facing three or two big winners, there is no suspense

The Association of the United States of America is dead, this is the two parties to meet again in 14 years. Although the red socks have better record, Yangji also won the hundred-win seasons, and broke the record of the big alliance single season with 256 projectors, and Yangji has a historical level of cowshed power, except for the first The pitcher is slightly weak, and it seems that they will win red stockings in each dimension.

The first battle of the playoffs Martinnes morning hit the three-way gun, the first victory, but the Second Battle David-Ples habitually collapsed in the playoffs, Yangji grabbed a victory in the Fenwei Park Stadium. Also let Yangji take back home advantages. Just as people think that Yangji may defeat the red socks at home, the red stockings defeated Yangji in the Yangji Stadium, in which the toolman Brock Holt completed ”completely blow ”And the fourth battle, the Yangji total coach Alon Bohn did not show the courage, completely lost to Cola, although the” scorpion king ”once again made people, but socks It still wins the fourth battle, winning the series with 3 to 1, except for the ”Dragon King”, each player of the socks has completed the arrangement of Coracus.

Entering the United States Union finals, the red stockings are once again seen as ”down the dog”, because the defending champion space is not inferior to the walked line of red socks, and more horrible, the spaceman is basically Not afraid of afraid of red socks in Sel.

The first battle of the series, the spaceman walked to let Selg only voted to leave the field, then they hit the red sarter, it seems that the spaceman will expect red socks to win the series of red socks. The second Ples is less than five games, the red socks are finally found, and the opponent pitcher Grit-Cole, Xiao Jieki-Bradley’s clearing In order to match the contest; and the third battle is a moment of entanglement of the two sides, the eighth game JBJ solves the battle with a full consumption of guns; the fourth battle JBJ once again, a key two-point cannon The socks have been leading, but the ”scorpion king” will be rescued, but the game will make a game out of the game. At this moment, it is a machine that has a line of red sites, and it is a flying killing of Ben Ning Tudi. The momentum of the space man is also determined by the ultimate trend of this round of series. The fifth battle JBJ is no longer, but another small lead Dres will hit the three-component gun from Wandad, and the red stockings will win in Houston, and the 4-1 ”burst” wins the series.

Pierce won the World Contest MVP

Pierce won the World Contest MVP

World Competition: The championship of the championship is hitting, letting red socks

Entering the World Contest to the front of the road, although it seems to have its own strengths, in many American media eyes, the wiring is more depth, and the first cowshed is more powerful and even more favorable on the lineup.

The first game of the World Competition, the world’s strongest two left vs. King Sel and Kok, the performance of the two sides is not good, but the red socks are watched from the Daoqi cow shed, Nunjus’s three-point gun Helping red socks to win the first battle; the second battle of David Ples has won the final battle in the final battle of the United States, and he found a high quality in the World Competition. First, the same plot as the first battle is that Dodge cash shed Methne will smash the pot for the next next day, Martinez’s key to let red socks win two games at home, and it seems that there is almost into the pocket. NS.

It can be changed to Los Angeles, everything has changed, Dodge Trier Walker, Bille, to make the Taoist eye to the third battle, can be hit by JBJ, the eighth game, can be hit by JBJ, The socks were once again tenacious. When they got a leader in the 13th game, they could not imagine that in the next half, referended ”misjudgment”, Nuns killed, And the pass of Jinsler’s pass, Dodge actually chase the score, the opponent Dodge for the world contest, the desire of the championship is less than the red hose! When the red socks were exhausted, Jovaldi, who had been in the playoffs, was thrown in the six games, and finally lost a message in this 18-game war. The loss of this battle not only lets red socks lose 3 to 0 leaders, but also let Dao have retrieved the feeling of winning the win. Entered the fourth battle, experienced the red satsulet line of the overspere battle could not find the feel, the three-year gun of the Puigg, almost announced that the two sides will enter Tianwang Mountain in 2 to 2, and the red socks are only poor. Eight gatherings will be lost.

Can Morade hit three-year gun from Wumen! This is just the second place in the red socks! Pierce then hit a chasing a spring gun in the hands of Jensen, and the momentum was completely twisted. In the previous playoff, Pierce, the name, the name, has overwhelmed the all-star gang Mornd became a first-ranking, and the two competitors helped the socks in the key campaign, and then Pierce was full. When I hit the classifier, the socks were strongly hit from the front Tian Jian.

In the fifth battle, the first in the first game of Pierce came out from Kokwand, and Bates and Martines, which were poor, and Martinens were also rumored from Ke Xiao, and the competition was lost. Red socks almost locked the champion. . David Prece’s first jumped out of the second high-quality first to grab the World Contest MVP, but the Pierce single-standing, lock MVP! At the last moment, Sel, the injuries and the cause of the pain, the Ninth Bureau debuted, KKK continuously three revitalization solved the opponent, the red socks won the 2018 World Competition champion!

After the game, I didn’t look like the birthday of the baby. After all, the spaceman last year was crazy. After all, they won the World Competition in the past 15 years, they are the greatest in the 21st century baseball world. team! General Manager David-Tangbrovsky created a Galaxy Saver ship with more than 200 million salary, this team is unfavorable in regular season and playoffs, almost from the opening of this season to this season, red Socks have always been the strongest team of alliances, no one, the life of life does not need, and the red socks will win, and the reason is not required.