Why is China’s football chooses Chen Yueyuan?Encourage, scientific management

Chen Yueyuan praised Wu Lei.

Let the professional people’s professional Football Shirts Wholesale things, this is one of the most important labels since China Sports Reform.

On the morning of May 24, the Chinese Football Association held a meeting of the Executive Committee.The meeting announced that in accordance with the ”Chinese Football Association” and agreed by the Party Group of the Sports General Administration, the Chinese Football Association set up the preparatory group of China Football Association, and Comrade Chen Yingyuan served as a leader of preparation group.

Prior to this, Yao Ming, Liu Guoliang took the leader of their respective project associations before the election of China Basketball Association and Chairman of China Table Tennis Association.Therefore, Cheap Soccer Jersey the outside world seems to be selected by the Chinese Football Association’s new chairman basically a foregone.

So, behind this appointment, which signal hides the future of football reform?

Chen Yenyuan brings a distinct management style for the Shangang Club.

Management separation, scientific managementKits Football Kits

The last administrator of the Chinese Football Association is basically the cadres from the sports system.

Until now, the Chairman of the Chinese Football Association is still a deputy director of the Sports General Administration of Sports, is currently a vice chairman of the China National Federation of Trade Unions, secretary of the Secretary of the Secretary, and before Cai Zhenhua, the Chairman of the Chinese Football Association is the director of the Sports General Administration of Sports, Yuan Weimin.

Of course, before the investigation of the China Football Association and the Provincial Center, Liverpool Jersey Chinese football also has the director of the Podi Center. After professionalization, Wang Junsheng (1992-2000), Yan Shizhen (2000-2005), Xie Yalong (2005-2008), Nan Yong (2009-2010), Wade (2010-2013), etc., is not all sports system Cadres are born.

In fact, it is not only in the football field, and the leaders of China’s other sports projects are also managed by the relevant personnel of the sports system. This is the current situation in China’s sports in the past few decades.

However, in the migrants of sports system, China’s football is not obvious in these years.

In recent years, the sports system has been reforming, Yao Ming and Liu Guoliang transformed into managers, which also became the ”reform model” of various sports industry management agencies.

In 2017, ”China’s Football Reform Development Master” is released, and the content of football reform is the separation of management, Chen Yueyuan is the chairman of large-scale state-owned enterprises, and the sports system is not stained, this kind of outstanding person is in line with the legacy The requirements of the program.

In addition, the advantage of Chen Yingyuan is a rich experience of large-scale state-owned enterprises and listed companies. For such a huge volume of Chinese football, mature enterprise management is required, and the resource upgrade is used in modern scientific means.

Chen Yingyuan hired Ericson to hire a big coach in Shanggang.

European and American professional alliance has related cases

”The past managers have come from inside the sports system, bringing more management experience, and there are other fields of knowledge lacking, so these two-year sports system has been reforming.”

Senior media people, the founder of the guests, the founder of the guests believe that if you want to choose managers in the outsiders, it is clear that the identity of the leadership of China’s state-owned enterprises is more appropriate than some leaders from the market.

In fact, some mature professional sports alliance managers in Europe and the United States is also from non-sports systems.

Former NBA President David Stern is a lawyer, once the arrival of Susan Dabacious, as Chairman of the New Premier League, is also a premium of the senior executive, the famous British female media.

As the Chairman of the Shanggang Football Club, Chen Yueyuan sponsoring the East Asian club in the beginning of 2013, from the first two years of sponsor to the operator, Shangbang has left the Chinese football in China in the past six years. The imprint, Chen Yingyuan has also made some impressive decisions during this time.

For example, he supported the signing of the contract, Ericson, Boas and Pereira have been successful in Europe, and Shanggang also introduced the big foreign aid in Hulk and Oscar.

However, Chen Yunyuan also attaches great importance to yourself. In the past few years, Shanghao has reached 100 million yuan in the investment in Youth training. Behind the new year invested in the market, it is the idea of ??Mr. Chen Yongyuan hopes to give the club to join the players more opportunities.

At the same time, Chen Yongyuan also supports the native player, behind Wu Lei to join the Spaniard, the support of the Shanggang Club is very critical.

Head people, hardship

After Yao Ming, he served as the chairman of the Basketball Association, Shanghai will contribute to the Chairman of the Football Association for China Sports. At that time, Yao Ming took office, the outside world has also paid attention to the identity of his big shark investor, and after Yao Ming also transferred the big shark club.

Chen Yingyuan is currently the chairman and party secretary of the Shanggang Group. Many fans also questioned this place. After all, Shanghao is one of the Chinese super entry clubs.

Yan Qiang also believes that this is inevitable that there will be different sounds. ”He is hard to solve, and it should be sweep against obstacles to him by higher management.”

According to the ”China Football Association”, anyone is elected as the chairman of the Association, must pass a strict ”exchange process”.

According to Journalists, in the next two months, the new feet will be held, and the chairman of the new year will be elected, and there is a new leadership team.

In addition, the world’s preliminaries will be carried out in June. The national team’s results are always the focus of the most concerned. In the context of Ribi, it has been determined to return to the national team’s coach, the national team’s results will also become a new headman. An important factor.

In the past few years, the Chinese Professional League, the national team construction has emerged a series of external external policies, how to make the professional league better development, and how to locate the relationship between professional league and national team construction, this is also a new headman Decisions that need to be made.

In addition, the establishment of the occupational alliance, and the combing of the Qing training system, it is also the part that is not overlooked in the development of Chinese football.

Time, the task is heavy, and the Chinese football headers must be a bitter thing. How is China’s football prospects, only give the answer.

Introduction to Chen Yingyuan:

Chen Yingyuan, participated in the work in November 1973, member of the Communist Party of China, master’s degree.

In July 1997, he graduated from the Master of Business Administration, Shanghai Harbor. Secretary and Deputy General Manager of Shanghai Port Container Comprehensive Development, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee; Deputy Director of Shanghai Port Bureau and Chairman of Shanghai Port Container Co., Ltd. Chairman of the company.

The Eleventh National People’s Congress representative, currently the party secretary and chairman of Shanghai International Port (Group) Co., Ltd.

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