Wilson’s injured jet is forced to replace the four-point guardian White will welcome your career first

New York Jet Machine Teach Robert Sarah confirmed that Mike White will be the first time in Sunday, the first time in the game of Cincinnati, and another old quarter Wei Qiao-Vlaco’s early Tour of Philadelphia this week. The eagle is traded. From Zach Wilson’s knee injuries to Vlaco’s trading, what happened in the past few days for the jet. The only thing to determine is that Well, who used to train team, will meet Cincinnati to fight in the Metropolitan Stadium.

Mike did very well, he won the first day’s first qualification, and showed his ability. ”Sarah said, but he did not promise this week. It is reported that Wilson will ablate two to four weeks because knee injury. In Sunday 13-54 lost to the new England Patriots, White completed the vocational show of career and got the high praise of Sarah. But after a few hours, the jet returned to Fraco with a 20-year-old six-round sign, which made people feel doubt about the jet.

In addition, it is said that the jet introduced 36 years old Vlaco as a substitute, just like a jet last season. However, in consideration of a few months ago, they decided not to have experienced four-point guard, this suddenly changed the idea or strange. They said that the 35-year-old training player John Johnson will provide experience in the four-guard position, until young Wilson and White, obviously changed the idea. Because Vlaco is late, the jet may have no choice, and Johnson can only be used as a substitute.

Job entered a big list in this week, if he had to go to the game, he was definitely ready. ”Sarah said that he is assessing the status of Fraco. Sarah said that the team has always wanted three healthy four-point guards, Wilson may arrange in the list of injuries, which means he will not debut at least three games. They expressed 100% trust on the 26-year-old White. White was cut off by jets three times, and they were cut by cowboy. Cowboys selected him in the fifth shot of the 2018 Eleventhout Congress, in the last weekend, Waite 32 passed 20, and there were 1 set of arrivals and twice.

”We are full of confidence in Mike,” Offense Coordinator Mike Ravler said. Overall, the jet is still healthier, the star mid-range guard C.J. Mosley is expected to participate in the competition this week because of the injury of leg gluters. Jarry Davis, which is seriously injured in the preseason, has resumed training, may participate in the competition.