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For regular watching fans, for football’s position is well aware that many Lionel messi Jerseyfans will be in accordance with the field situation, to analyze the team’s tactics and player stations, in today’s high-speed development of football today, it will be in the television lens competition aside tactical stations of the team, so the fans a glance. Greatly help the fans understand stations in the ballpark of.

But there are a lot like football, but you want to understand the fans, the football position is not well understood. As the football game each team has 11 people, each have a different position. When the broadcast of the game, the narrator usually use some jargon to analyze the players on the field stations, such as attacking midfielder, left defender, right back so, so many fans are confused.

Football game, the stations will be arranged according to the coach’s tactics. Sometimes different names, but the location is different. Sometimes a player will take into account the multiple roles, in fact, different names, not very different position. Specifically, we have to analyze.


Goalkeeper is a team essential role in the case of a few people on the spot of combat, the goalkeeper is also essential, if under the penalty goalkeeper, someone will substitute goalkeeper. This position can not be changed. To put it plainly, who less Less goalkeeper, the most famous goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon has, Casey, Degea and so on.


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Defense collectively referred to as guard, which was divided into left-back defender, left defender, defender and right defender and right back. If combined with 532 tactics, then, are collectively will arrange for the case of 5 guard this tactic, if it is 433, then back four were left two guards and two Zhongwei, different names, the same duties. The most famous defender has Pique, Maicon and so on.


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As the saying goes, we have midfielder who in the world. Midfield is a very important football match and complex position. More midfield role. Are left midfield, right midfield and midfield three positions, divide relatively small, it would have a defensive midfielder and attacking midfielder. Defensive midfielder is known as the lower back. Attacking midfielder is known as playmaker, midfielder need for more intelligent minds, and the ability instigated the attack. More well-known players, Zinedine Zidane, Xavi, Makelele and so on.

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Striker is better understood, a striker is the team’s offensive system, the current tactical arrangements are generally 433, are based on forward trident situation appears, namely, left forward, right, forward and center. The most famous trident Messi, Neymar and Suarez, Neymar and now the Paris Trident, Cavani and Muba Pei excellent. In the past are to strengthen the defense in the backcourt, the coach will be discharged tactics 442, two strikers up front. Paris against Manchester United in the Champions League, because of Neymar and Cavani were injured, one person only Muba Pei played as a lone striker. The most famous striker Lionel Messi and C Lo is Cristiano Ronaldo Jersey up.

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