Wo Shuai finds a new method! James is still steady, Carlis is no more, followed by the Lakers!


The NBA regular season continues, and the Lakers ushered in the opponent pedestrians in the second game. For the beginning of the season, the performance of both parties is difficult. The pedestrians are in a https://www.nbatrikots4.com mess, even if they are invited to champions, the team still does not find the direction. The Lakers here have never entered the right track because of the problem of milling problems.

The Lakers and Pacers are still in the exploration. When these 2 teams meet, they naturally want to win each other. Everyone knows, although the Lakers finally defeated the pedestrians at 124-116. In this game, there is still a lot of discussion, and then I will take everyone to reap. Wo Shuai finds a new method! James is still steady, Carlis is no more, followed by the Lakers!

First, Walgel’s passive and active, he found a new method

Davis is absent due to injury, in the case of injury, and because the eyebrow is a starting player, Woger has to passively change. This lake man sent Tak + James + Xiao Jordan + Bradley + Wei Shao’s starting lineup, which is already the 10th set of Warr this season. It is also very funny. For the beginning of the season, Woger vowed to say that only the team’s starting lineup is determined, then it will not change it easily, but the start of the Lakers so far, it is another set.

From this new first configuration, you can only say that Walger’s head is true iron. The first few games have proved that Tak + James + Wei Shao, the outer line combination is unlike, affecting the violation, but also let Tak’s competitive state fall into a sluggish. There is also a lineup of this set of lineup, and the result is still a big center inside. Of course, we can also understand Wogerra on small Jordan, mainly want to match the overall height of the pedestrians, after all, the opponent is a double tower lineup, with absolute height.

If there is a fan of watching the game, you will know that the Lakers have been very passive at most, until the end of the year Walle active changes, the lake talent will transform the disadvantages on the field into advantages. At the end of VGUR did not attach to the big mapposs, but the ultimate five small lineup of James or Antoni. For this ultra-small lineup, Walgel has been revealed before the game, but only did not think of it so quickly, and the results have achieved good results.

When the small lineup is present, no matter whether there is no violent, the lake is extremely targeted. Even if the opponent has a big player, the Lakers do not suffer from the rebound. The game, the Lakers and the walkers grabbed 52 rebounds. Wo Shuai found a new method, which is also the key to reverse the game. To put it bluntly, there is a lineup, you can’t match the traditional inner line. After all, Wei Shao itself is a space black hole.

Second, the role player solves the crisis, the replacement is a successful

Walgel’s operation is the key to winning, but the implementation of this strategy is the player on the field. In fact, in the lakes of the lake, there are three players who are basically dragging the legs. Tak continued the downturn in recent games, and the game was only 3 balls 10 times, got 8 points 4 rebounds 2 assists. Fortunately, Tall also has a stable contribution in the defensive end, especially when the five small lineups, Tak’s rotation and the union of the anti-counterfeiting are in place.

Xiao Jordan as a fake of the team, and his game is also a mascot. Every time I was sent, Xiao Jordan gave a few rebounds symbolically, then leaked eating cake. This is also in line with Xiao Jordan’s team positioning, and he is not wanting now. In addition, Bradley basically did not get out of the opportunity, but he was still re-defended by the Warfar Committee. There is no way to Bradley, and his current role is more rigid, and it can only be expected to change.

In addition, what we are going to say is that his game is very calm and can’t be restrained. A calm power is critical to the Lakers, especially when the game enters the coke stage. Take the last paragraph of the competition as an example, the defensive and vitality of Wei Shao, even more helpful than his score. Wei Shao This game has got 20 points and 7 rebounds 5 assists, as well as the +14 at the positive negative value. Wei Shao is so right, the Lakers need such a power.

However, the first digging, still needs substitute to fill the pit, the Lakers’ replacement will play the same key, and the character player solves the crisis. Monk This game proved his arrest value, the output of the three-point line was very stable, and the audience contributed 17 points and 8 rebounds 1 assists. Elington is also good, especially the important three-point projection in the last day. At the same time, we don’t forget Anthony’s contribution, although it is a bit iron, but he is not a picky place in the manifestation of the defensive end.

Third, Carlis is no more, followed by the lakeside rhythm

The pedestrian team has its own stubborn, and Callais came as a coach in this year. The reason why the pedestrians will operate is also very simple, that is, this team does not want to push down the rebuild, but the pedestrians do not dare to compliment this season. The process of this game is actually the epitome of the pedestrians. The overall lineup of the pedestrians is relatively complete, and the main players are basically, but at the end of the season, there is no characteristics of the overtime game, and will eventually be turned over by the Lakers.

From the panel data, the pedestrians have a pair of seven people to score double, showing more flowering trends. Sometimes this is an illusion, it seems that the team seems to have a scattered offensive point, each player can score, but the most important thing is a player who lacks a hammer sound. Leville did not have a star disease, and he had been playing the ball basketball, Kalais can’t see it. Brogen is very good, but he is only suitable for a green leaf-style player, even if he got 28 points in the audience.

If we look in essence through the phenomenon, it is actually the walker runs. The reason why the walker competition is leading, mainly because of the use of big lineup. At the time of Woger adjustment, Carlisle did not work. Carlis is trying to change the small lineup to cope with the hustle shock, and unfortunately, there https://www.maillotsbasketnbafr.com is no effect. Even if you come out again, there is no previous spirituality, and the walker is completely followed by the rhythm of the Lakers, and the nose is taken by Woger.

It doesn’t say that the Lakers’ ultra-small lineup has no loopholes, but Carlis did not seize the opportunity. Carlisle did not arrange tactics that should have, and strikes the walkforcers multipart the neighborhood. It is important to know the lakes of the Lakers to defense this season, and the pedestrians with luxurious resources have got 46 points in the Lakers. The big player did not press, and the small player torn defensive ability is lacking, so Carlisle can only accept this status quo, regret to swallow the bitter fruit.

Fourth, James is still stable, the Lakers also need to summarize

This season’s pedestrian competition is very https://www.basketballtrikotde.com
interesting, that is, if you want to win the walker, you will go to the scaled competition. When it is often supported, the pedestrians can’t live, and the game parcel fell into this strange circle. This season’s pedestrians are not much in the focus of the focus. They can score more than a player, but no one can stand up in this stage, saying that it is the star of this type of James.

The lakes and walkers are a mirror, and the Lakers have the super exclamation of James. When the score is deadlocked, James repeatedly stood out to save the Savior. Especially the overtime game, James continuously touched the hopes of the walker. James continued three times and in the past, and he used his way to end the game. This is the ability of the super star, James is still steady, this is not the content that the tactical system can https://www.maillotbasket6.com presen, which is why the crown team wants to recruit the reasons for the super star.

Although the Lakers have become the last party in this game, the Lakers still have no solve problems at this stage. That is how to make Wei Shao more comfortably, as far as the lake’s lineup is configured, it is impossible to play a super five small lineup as the 19-20-season rocket. Lakers now tasks are to make comfortable basketball space as much as possible, just this requires Walgel to continue to explore. Of course, this game is Walgel’s small test cattle knife, just find another method.

There are a lot of places that the Lakers need to summarize, after all, their goals of this season are to impact NBA championships. Pacers have some problems with this side, such as the critical moment, whoever scores. Carlisle is the champion https://www.maillotsbasketfr.com tag, sometimes it is also difficult for the smart woman. When you are alone, Noditzki and East Chickens, which are basically the civilian team. Take a look at Cales has no adjustment, and the team has a follow-up!


After the Lakers defeated the walker, they will end the passenger journey, the record of this passenger is not very good. Pacers will not be very easy to go to the schedule, and their test will continue. The pedestrians do not rotten, but they may have been hovering on the edge of the season. As for the two sides, what kind of performance will be made, let us wait and see!