World contest MVP missed red socks, 35-year-old baseball loan, hope to climb peak

Alex CORA in Boston, Alex Cora indicates that the team’s hometown is open from 10-day injury. Season, the World Contest MVP also missed the new season of the red stockings.

Sam Travis Sam Travis Successfully squeezed into the 25-person list of red socks, while Pierce will stay in the Spring Training Base of Milesburg in Red Sox. At the same time, playing an extended spring training to find a feel, wait until completely rehabilitation and return to the team.

Pierce is the MVP of the World Competition last season, and the left thigh is tight in the middle of the Spring Training Competition. Since then, Pierce did not appear in the Spring Training Competition in the Great League. Although he has a few hitting training, he also in the small union level, but his thigh has not let the team rest assured. ”He has a lot of pre-punches in the small alliance level, so it is not a big problem in hitting. Now it is to see how he is running.” Corra said in an interview with a reporter. ”Unfair, we won’t force him to catch up with the team’s progress. We must go to his injuries, will not force him to do some of him can’t do because because of the opening of the battle. Things. ”

Pierce’s login date in the wounded soldiers can be traced to three days before the opening ceremony, so he only needs to miss the seven games, you can come back at the red stockings on April 4th. (10 days of injury, the list must be taken for 10 days) Pierce is not the only one who has not healthy and sold season, and the old second base is also DUSTIN PEDROIA. After winning the 19th game last year, Tel Avis will be partner in this period and Mitch Moreland, and serve as the leader when the team faces the left. The reddock team will meet three first left pitcher in the first four games in the opening season (Marco Gonzales, Marco Gonzales, Wade Leblanc), so Tel Avis will get a lot of opportunities.

At the same time, after Pierce was moved to 10 days of injury, the 25th person of the Boston Red Socks was also settled. Pierce’s career can be described as a wave of three fold, and the career is transferred to the United States and the four teams until last year completes career redemption. Ten days later his return will give red socks to a deputy pill.

Mixer Baseball Waves in the Eastern District of the United States

Pierce was picked in the Pittsburgh Pirates in 2005 in the 8th round of the 8th round, at that time, the pirates saw the wonderful performance of the University of South Carolina, which was convenient to incorporate it in the middle section. Two years later, in the Shuishuo-shun of the small alliance, Pierce also expressed in the end of 20
07, if he mounts the highest hall, he also began to carry a floating heavy league career. Between 2008 and 2011, he has continued to hover in the Size Alliance, and more popular in the field and the three bases, but the performance is always unsatisfactory, and the final season can only be with Minnesota. The team signed a piece of paper small alliance contract, and the insertion is the New York Yangji to sign a small alliance contract.

At this point of career, Pierce is a baseball loan, where is missing people, where there is him, even if there is only one silk opportunity, he will go. It took a few years in Baltimo, Houston Spaceman and New York Yangji, finally in 2014. He ushered in https://www.trikotskaufenn.comthe big outbreak of his career, 21 strikes and 0.291 hits. Other data is basically full career. Pierce who played the price and continued to mix the US League East, Baltimore Jinyu, Tampa Bay and Toronto Bluebird left his recording, and in 2018 was traded to Boston socks, red stockings I don’t know if this multi-functional toolman will become a big hero that eventually win.

Xiaobei’s great work

First, I hit the three home runs in my own Fenwei Stadium, and I am defeating the World Base, and then at the critical moment of competing for the partition championship. He also played a 0.279 hit rate, 7 bang 26 points. Performance. I know that this is just warm up, and the Pierce in the playoffs is more on the stairs. After the injury in Mickey – Moland, he had a first-ranking position of the red socks. In the third game of https://www.mlbtrikot4.comthe US League Champion Series, he knocked out the leader in the hands of Joe Smith, helping the Red Socks to enter the World Competition. When I arrived in the World Contest, Pierce was helped, first facing the Los Angeles Taoist’s Guardian, who faced the Rosa’s homework, hitting the slogan of the Los Angeles.

The next half of the bureau is a border of the second base to open all the runners, let the red stockings lead the 8-14, and ultimately accept the game in 9-16. It was once again sent again, and the second place in the World Competition in the world contest. The world’s performance has also made him won the most popular in this World Competition. Value player.