Yaki was killed! After the conflict, I appeared at the hot fire at home. Two brothers sat behind the Nuggets.

On November 30, Beijing time, Nuggets and Heat two war, Badler and Hero disadvilings, Damorel also continued to stop due to injury, Jiki welcomed the back, the conflict, the first appearance of the hot fire home, The two brothers who were tragically suffered from the hot ball, Jochi’s two brothers came, sitting behind the replacement of the https://www.maillotsbasketfr.com Nuggets.

At the scene, DJ introduced about Jiki to enter the venue, the fans of the hot fire were raceful about https://www.maillotsbasketnbafr.com Jikizi, and the sky was even covered, and the game was officially opened, and the status of Jochi was very good. The first quarter 8 minutes 3 3 high efficiency got 9 points 7 rebounds, when the yak took a break, the scene sounded again.

Although Nuggets Coach Marson and Heat coach Spocestra blusted that the previous conflict has been released, but the two brothers of Jojiqui are on the scene, sitting behind the Nuggets, Malone said Yuri Two brothers often come to Miami, they are not coming to picking things.

Heat reporter IRA Winderman wrote, someone reminded him to be careful about the two brothers of the company.

The last hot war trunks have a bad conflict, and the big Morris evil is https://www.maillotbasket6.com angered. Yauchi has pushed the conflict from behind, but the Badler is in the game. In the case of the door, Yeki was banned, Mo Mo and Badler were fined, and Damei was injured in the neck. After the conflict, Da Morris has been fighting for 11 games.

When the base is resting, the lens is dedicated to Yaki and Diguris, Johi’s face is calm, and it is Monozheng and teammates.