Yangji Pitcher Sabsia: The last full star has not been able to win the Indians.

Xue Lei / article

Beijing time July 11th, 2019 US Rod All-Star Tournament has come to an end in Cleveland, and finally the United States defeated the National Fair star with 4-3, and won the victory in this event in the seventh time. The Supreme Stars did not play very well under the enthusiasm of the audience, but an excellent player won the most enthusiastic cheers of the audience. After this season, the forefoot card Pitk Pitted CC Shabuya was returned to the city of the New York Yangji team. In the cheers, https://www.mlbtrikot4.com he completed his curtain call in all star games.

CC Shabuya has been a long time. The last participation in all stars or at all stars in the 2012 season in Kansas City, these years have been plagued by weight and injuries, and the state of sand fat is inquiry, which can enter the whole In the star list, enjoy the NBA’s NBA’s NBA and Wade-like treatment, and the host city is not related to Cleveland. 18 years ago, the 20-year-old CC Shabuya completed the first show in Cleveland. At that time, the Indian owner of the All-Star Tournament was also called the Yacobus Stadium, and now the old land, CC Shabuya in himself. The dusk period of career is once again focused.

It can be seen, CC Shabuya is very cherished and very enjoyable, and the grand baseball pair came to the All-Star. From Monday’s training date, this once https://www.mlbboutique2.com thought is one of the most flexible fatans in the United States, and smiles have been hanging. His mouth. In the afternoon of Cleveland, in the forward course, whether it is a good relationship with the league, or the old staff in the court, he is so fascinating, as a bing, such as his feet, bling Baseball shoes that flash golden rays, he did not exaggerate, he seems to be a star in all stars.

On the day of the All-Star Race, when DJ introduced the list of members of the Meeting of the Meeting of the United States, the scene was the first time, the scene of the CC was in the scene. The cheers of the scene were not weak in the darling of the Indian fans, and he After the legendary famous in the Indians, Alo Ramar completed the kicking ceremony, the two people embracing, printed on all the Indian fans, while in the https://www.fanbutikk.com dressing room, facing the lens of Tencent striker, cc Also frank this scene, his eternal life is unforgettable.

”This night is very special, not only where I have a place to start again, this court, it is to go back to this dressing room, I am very touched. I know that I am here to come here, but just a special The little child, and after I left, I have become a man. Here is the place where I grow. ”Of course, the experience in the kicking ceremony also triggered his own vomiting,” Although this feels very strange However, he (the bulls Aluar) all over time, he gave me a diglou … ”

Although the Meetan All-Star Team is spending talented talents, the red stockings team leader Alex – Cola finally didn’t choose to make CC boarding, but he used another way to make Indian fans with another way. It takes goodbye to CC Shabuya’s https://www.fanartikelsportde.com last all-in-star tour.

In the first half of the ninth game, the Terminator of the Meet All-Star Team took two out of the game, so that before the end of the last player ended, Cola suspended the game, sent CC Shabuya pitcher trainer. Dogle, made a hunger visit. After the game, I was talking about this small episode. Sabasia was also laughed. ”Corla asked me, I am going to let you visit the holiday, do you want to go? I said it is good, why not?”

Looking at CC Shabuya, Chapman is also awkward. ”When I saw him coming out and came over, I thought he was going to change me in the first time. I immediately turned and watched the cowshed. No one was warm, then I heard he told me, I just want to see you okay. ”Although Sabsia thought this is cool, but also coach” Words ”pinching sweat,” I am very tense, especially when I get down the game, if he is knocked out of the opponent, it must be my fault. ”Fortunately, the fireball male Chapman uses action The teammates of their own foreign team have aesthetic pill, he immediately rushed out the last player of today, and the break was shocked from the Daoqi-Gran Dou.

Decided to exercise the head of the coach, the beginning of the game in the last moment of the game, Kula, who was forcibly manufacturing the topic, also gave his explanation after the game, ”His past 15 years, he (CC Shabuya) has always been the best pitcher in the alliance He won the 250 games, three vibrated three thousand players. All of this begins in Cleveland, we all know that he is about to retire, so we want everyone to know who he is, I think this is very Good way to express tribute. ”

Of course, the most important information, or CC https://www.b2bshopp.com Shabuya yourself to pass, when Tencent reporter asked if Saay felt the enthusiasm of the audience, then the gust of the gust of the gods of the gods, but more than one point. ”I thank them, I love them, I want them to know that the laster is the laster, that is, I have not won the championship of a world contest.”