Yao Ming, Chinese basketball contribution to how much? Breakdown of changes in China’s basketball in recent years,

In the long history of Chinese sports, it deserved to be called the field athlete G.O.A.T, there may be a one and only Yao Ming. However, the Chinese basketball history deserved No1, he was publicly questioned Basketball Association vice chairman. As to the specific content, Tell me what you can surf yourself. And we are going to talk about today, it is the contribution of Chinese basketball Yao Ming’s how much! Under his leadership, the Chinese basketball in recent years, but also how to change.

As a player Yao Ming, unrivaled dominance in the https://www.nbatrikots4.com CBA, perhaps a lot of young fans have not experienced that era, so I put it bluntly – the Wang Zhelin, Zhou Qi and Yi Jianlian combined together, would be able to perfectly reproduce the year Yao Ming in the CBA power.

In the NBA, he is not only the first foreign draft pick, is averaging a career center near the historical level of 20 + 10. Many people say that Yao Ming will put this little ball era was crazy beating and hanging, interested friends can look through the pages of Yao Ming game against Golden State, I believe you will, ”Yao Ming can not adapt to the era of small ball” remarks has changed .

Achievements of the players do not have time to say, after all, as long as you have a love of sports dad, he will surely be familiar Yao Chairman playing career. We are saying is that he became Chairman of the Chinese https://www.basketballtrikotde.com
Basketball Association and the achievements after the CBA chairman.

Yao chairman took office, to reform the national team is the best known, but also the most controversial. A lot of people is that the results for the evaluation of the national team. On the light of this, men’s basketball team the last two years the results do not ideal. But if you watched the basketball game, you will find that compared to the last men’s basketball has become a more tactical and basketball philosophy is gradually closer to the mainstream world. And you stand on a higher perspective to overlooking the Chinese basketball, then you will understand how successful Yao Ming, Chinese basketball for reform.

2014 Fifth Asian Games, the 2016 Olympic Games in five battles ink, 2017 Asian Championship is still fifth. Basketball in the https://www.maillotsbasketnbafr.com throes of updating, our league is also dead than alive, youth mess, basketball rapid population collapse. Yao Ming bluntly, domestic basketball population but 1.3 million people, which is the number of men and women basketball talent added together. And even so desperate, resolutely take over Yao Ming Basketball Association. Turn the tide, Rotary Building is going to dump.

After taking over men’s basketball team, Yao Ming first CBA increased the specialization, standardization and commercialization. He constantly advancing CBA art style progress, after all, is the team jerseys surrounding the biggest cake, the consumer wants to attract fans, they naturally wanted to team jerseys are designed LOGO and more color. And the CBA concept of race experience also greatly enhance progress venues progress, technology, let CBA gradually become an international norm up.

On the other side, Yao Ming is the most successful thing is to change the system of Chinese basketball. Especially the ”little basketball” league layout, and CBA draft normative, directly outside the system opened up channels of professional players. Professional players is no longer the club’s youth team cronyism. More and more like Zhang Ning, The Overseas college players who embarked on a career track, and played a very good level. And under the leadership of Yao led by the Chairman, more and more domestic players overseas studying abroad, who look Zhangzhen Lin and Zeng Fanbo. As a fan, should not we do this and joy.

In that time I read the university, even if it is CUBA Division finals, the audience even less than a hundred people. Now whether it is a small basketball league, high school or league CUBA professional group or the sun also sets, chairman Yao let more and more people to play ball, the ball can see, so influential in the country’s growing basketball Big. To be sprayed may be the case, and now the influence of domestic basketball has long been far more than football. Is it not prove successful initiatives of the President of Yao it?

As for the so-called CBA no relegation, like next door to the NBA, Champions League and Zhou Qi did not go NBL relegation, right? The copy of NBA thing, childhood Chaozuo Ye, nobody do not want to copy the first class kid, right?

In short, whether to support Yao Ming Ye Hao, Yao Ming questioned worth mentioning. I https://www.maillotsbasketfr.com believe you must be standing desire Chinese basketball point of view of getting better. When only hope that Yao Ming retired, you remember, when the face of reporters, ”Who is responsible for this failure,” the question is who without hesitation, categorically said – ”! I ’