Zhan Huang is too difficult! Wogel 1 set of bursts, 17 points or awakens Lakers

On November 27th, Beijing time, NBA Lakers hit https://www.nbatrikots4.com the hometown of the Kings. The Kings is one of the five weakening prices in the western part of the season. Theoretically, the lake team will win a lot, after all, they are the state of the three giants, before this Three Klebrrang – James 10 points 4 in 4 points +6 rebound +6 assists +5 mistakes, Anthony Davis 14 shot 6 in 6 points + 5 rebound + 4 assists + 2 steals +3 cover, pull Sel-Westbrook 11 shot in 5, 18 points +7 rebounds +5 assists +1 steals, the three giants played very comprehensive, three festivals, they lead the king 5 points, can be in the fourth quarter Li Huang and Zhao’s eyebew play very low, Zhan Huang 8 shot 5 iron, strong eyebet 3 shot (positive and negative value -12), plus the Zhan Huang mischer killed, 2 teams becomes 100-100 flat, The game entered the overtime game.

The last Lakers defeated the pedestrians https://www.basketballtrikotde.com
in the overtime. Now, it will come to the overtime. The first overtime will rely on the free throw to stabilize the situation. Sai 2, the second plus in the 2nd overtime, only 1 goal, but he used this ball to drag the game into the overtime 3, the overtime 3 opening the Lakers were hit by the king a wave of 9 to 4, The Lakers can’t help, the long game let them lose the strength of the counterattack, and finally the audience is divided into 141-137, and the Lakers have suffered 3 overtime games. 4 points. He is the 2nd high player (the highest is to be young) in this game, which is 37 years old, he is so long, but unfortunately, Zhan Huang has suffered 3 hours, still regretted the north, he is really too Difficult!

Of course, the Lakers lost the ball, the king of the whole game, 11 players, the Lakers took 10 people, and the reserves of the 2 teams were similar, and the Lakers can be lost in the overtime. The depth of the lineup, from the Time Tournament 1 to the Tower 3, the Lakers has a total of 6 people, this 6 is Zhan Huang, Wei Shao, Gongou brother, Monk, AB, melon, AB’s overtime game time Only 1 minute and 19 seconds, in other words, the Tower Ryperk Woluel basically has no rotation. He is a set of a set of cracks. The king is not the same. 9 people, even if the three giants of the Lakers, Alquin-Jinti also have a slight way to operate …

Excellent rotation may lack the effect in the general competition, and the rotation can be critical in this 3 overtime game, and the regular four game Ribadi Hilde has played 26 In 49 seconds, he won 8 points in 14 shots (3 of which shot 8 shots), and he hit 13 minutes and 27 seconds, and Hildel was born in 7 shots in the overtime. 17 points, he is the highest number of players in the overtime game, and the Lakers’ three giants, Zhan Huang + strong eyebet + Wei Shao won 32 points in the total number of 17 shots, their score ratio Due is 15 points, but their hit rate is 12.6% lower than Hilde, and Hilder is a very efficient player https://www.maillotsbasketfr.com in the overtime game. He is also the first key point of the king to win!

Hilde’s regular time can use to use the pull to describe, can go to the overtime, he is obviously advantageous in the remaining physical strength, when the defense of the Lakers weaken, Hilde naturally effectively. The Lakers’ 3 giants played in the overtime game. It is only a game to be dragged to the third overtime. Their rotation is highlighted, this is the key point of the Lakers, Hildega It is not enough to wake up the Lakers, just relying on the three giants, and the Lakers need a better rotation strategy. According to the current Wogel coaching method, do not mention whether the Lakers can win, and the Zhan Huang can support When I arrived in the playoffs, I am afraid it is a question?