Zhou Qiyi Jianli Zi Zi Zi Tong

Until the 2009 Tianjin Ya Championships, Yi Jianlian basketball career is smooth. In the 2002-03 season, Yi Jianlian entered the CBA playing, quickly rapidly. In the session season, Yi Jianlian won the honor of CBA’s best newcomers. In 2004, Yi Jianlian, who was only 17 years https://www.nbatrikots4.com old, was seen by Harris, Harris, and entered the national team to fight the Olympics. At the Olympic Games, Yi Jianlian’s drama is not much, but it is very concerned. After the experience of the Olympic Games, Yi Jianli has greatly improved. After returning to CBA, Yi Jianlian won the MVP in 2005, and also became the youngest MVP in the history of the league.

The peak arrived in 2007. At the NBA draft conference, Yi Jianlian was selected by the Buck in the first round of the first round. In the first season of NBA, Yi Jianlian also did not have a bright performance. It was considered to be in a foreign country like Yao Ming. In 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Yi Jianlian was played with absolute main force and completed the big outbreak. In particular, against the German men’s basketball team, Yi Jianli entered the key ball, https://www.maillotsbasketnbafr.com helped the Chinese men’s basketball team to break through the eighth.

Yi Jianlian is regarded as a new signature of China’s basketball, and it will take Yao Ming in the national team, become a new leader. However, Yi Jianlian failed to live out the expectations of the outside world, and fell into the abyss of being awkward. In 2009, Tianjin Ya Championship, Yi Jianlian first brought the identity of leaders, but he played. The Chinese men’s basketball team finally faced the Iranian men’s basketball team, Yi Jianlian paired another Asian top large children Haddi, suffered. Hadadi Chao Jian Jianxiang will make his shooting shot, but also a heart of Chinese fans.

Drop the champion at the door, Yi Jianlian did not be a good leader and was batch. No one has made more efforts to do well under the work of work, and no one is paying https://www.maillotbasket6.com attention to him, but it is just a discussion. In the snow, Y Jianlian has also fallen in the NBA development, and gradually becomes an edge, and eventually fades NBA. If you don’t have a misfortune, Yipianlian’s reputation is more bad, and people call people.

In the face of reasonable and reasonable, unreasonable criticism, Yi Jianlian has chosen acceptance and never publicly acknowledgment. But there is no choice to turn it, and he uses actions to save the reputation. Silent efforts to upgrade themselves, Yi Jianlian is in order to better athletes. In CBA, Yi Jianlian helped Guangdong men’s basket Dongshan and got a number of champions. At the national team, Yi Jianlian has also become a better leader, lends the team to go out of the trough, and reconnect the Championships in 2015, since this Chinese men’s basketball team re-regulates Asia.

Yi Jianlian has a big brother’s name, and it is considered a head card in CBA and the national team. The road that Yi Jianlian walked, Zhou Qi is now, he is also expected to complete the boss of the boss.

There is no easy Jianlian, but in the 2019 Native World Cup against the Polish men’s basketball team, Zhou Qi is also a smooth water. During the youth team, Zhou Qi is the thigh of the national characters, frequent terror data, with the beauty of the big devil. Zhou Qi led the national youth men’s basketball team 7, which is the best grade for team history. In 2015, Zhou Qi entered the Chinese men’s basketball team, although it is a newcomer, he assumes the heavy responsibility of absolute main force. At that time, Zhou Qi was a big job in the Chinese men’s basketball team. In CBA, Zhou Qi helped Xinjiang men’s basketball team to get the first championship of the team, and became a league superner.

Although it is downturn in the 2016 Olympics, Zhou Qi is still in the NBA draft conference of the year, was selected by the rocket. This is after years of time, China has players to enter NBA play, Zhou Qi is also expected. At the 2018 Asian Games, Zhou Qi got the Chinese men’s basketball team to win the championship with the core identity.

In 2019, the local world cup, before the Poland Men’s basket, Zhou Qi also played well. It is the Basketball Basketball Basketball, Zhou Qi is also playing very lottery, is an important hero that the Chinese men’s basketball team can suppress the opponent. But because of the last moment of this game, Zhou Qi continued to go wrong, the Chinese men’s basketball team was reversed by the Poland men’s basketball team, and lost the opportunity to enter the Olympics. Zhou Qi was regarded as a major sinner of a Chinese men’s basketball team, became an object of public opinion. No one cares about Zhou Qi, because physical strength is not supported, and the head coach Li Nan has already buried hidden dangers with three internallines. Li Nan was rarely mentioned at the time of the scene, most Chinese players were bad, and they were also forgotten. All the guns were aligned with Zhou Qi, he was regarded as a sinner of ten evil.

Zhou Qi did not argue his own publicly, he also used action. After the founding of the new Chinese men’s basketball team, Zhou Qi did soon the team was played shortly after doing eye surgery. Zhou Qi’s hard work was praised by Du Feng. Zhou Qi also played a high level, and the style also improved.

Because of the open face and the Xinjiang men’s basketball team, Zhou Qi announced that the CBA did not play this season. Far away from Australia, but Zhou Qi and the contract of the new East Southeast Phoenix team stipulate that he will prefer national team effectiveness. This triggered a further sense of public opinion, Zhou Qi also began to be recognized. It is said that Zhou Qi also did it, starting from Australia, with Chinese men’s basketball team in Japan. The first game, Zhou Qi also acts as the core, 20 minutes, got 24 points and 12 rebounds 3 times. At both ends of the attack, Zhou Qi also showed full of ruling power, and the performance has also been greatly recognized.

Because of injury in the first war, Zhou Qi missed the 2nd war for Japanese men’s basketball team. However, Zhou Qi still entered a big list, for the Chinese men’s basketball team. Once the Chinese men’s basketball team is passive, Zhou Qi can take injuries and hanged. It is not only a light injury, and Zhou Qi’s spirit not only makes Du Feng movement. Public opinion is also a madness.

After https://www.maillotsbasketfr.com the game, Zhou Qi also sent a letter to will be together forever and the Chinese men’s basketball team. I am willing to fight for the country. Strong ability, and willing to dedicate for the country, Zhou Qi also reversed the poor image and re-returned to the road of high quality idols. Because the way to enter the Olympics has changed, Zhou Qi may not lead the Chinese men’s basketball team to return to the Olympics, but as long as he has been fighting, you can gradually get more fans, like Easy to Jianlian, re-attached and recognized by fans.